Paper Band Coolant Filters


Paper Band Coolant Filters
Paper band filters are the secondary coolant filters which are used to recycle the coolant/oil generated from the grinding machines. These coolant filters consists of magnetic coolant filters assembly and secondary coolant filters i.e paper band filters.

Hubli Filters And Conveyors Paper band filter unit is fabricated in steel. This entire unit is fixed on a coolant tank with a pump to supply coolant to the machine. The filtering paper is spread over an endless stainless steel mesh conveyor which is connected to a geared motor. this uniquely designed conveyor prevents overflowing of the liquid and the full width of the filtering paper is used. the movement of the filter paper is controlled by a float switch which actuates the geared motor.

Hubli Filters And Conveyors paper band cum magnetic coolant Filters/Clarifier involves our standard ATP or TAP Model Magnetic Coolant Clarifier. the powerful magnetic drum driven by a heavy duty geared motor designed to run continuously.


The contaminated coolant liquid is first passed through the magnetic filter which separates almost 95% of the ferrous particles. The liquid further passes through filter which paper where all the nonferrous particles like grinding grit, stainless, brass or aluminum are filtered. As the porosity of paper gets filled up due to accumulates the liquid level rises. This triggers the float switch which starts the geared motor and fresh paper from the reel is pulled forward automatically. Now the liquid passes through the fresh paper and float switch shuts down the


Paper band cum Magnetic coolant Clarifier offer the excellent means of filtering both ferrous and nonferrous particles. Where high degree of purification id required and contaminates differ in from, size and composition. Paper band Filtering system as a rule gives best results. Paper band filters are recommended for Grinding, Honing, Transfer lines and Machining center. It also can be used for rolling mills for filtering coolant which helps to improve the surface finish to the sheets.


High efficient way of filtration guarantee fine finish, dimensional accuracy, increased tool life. Keeps your machine clean & reduces costly machine down time for periodical cleaning.
Avoids bacterial growth and wastage of expensive coolants.
Since the complete filtration system is automatic, No manual attention is needed
Where heavy stock removal increases the temperature of the coolant. this system of filtration due to sufficient exposure to air helps to control the same.

Paper Band Filter
Dimensonal Chart For Paper Band Filters & Paper Band Coolant Filters With Magnetic Coolant Filters
Paper Band Coolant Filter
Dimensional Chart For Paper Band Coolant Filter

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